Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silly Him!

Finally it happened. He was scared. All his life he’s never known fear. He would just sit on top of the tallest buildings and look down. He’s never felt dizzy. Sometimes when it’s too cold he would put his hands in to the fire or even take burning coal with bare hands and keep it close to his heart. He’s never felt the heat even when his hands are burnt. Sometimes when it’s too hot he would just get in to refrigerator and lock himself up in the spine-chilling coldness for hours. Until he gets bored. Really bored. Then he would come out and take a nap. But never, never has he felt cold. No sight of blood or awful wounds would make him feel sick. He would spend the nights in lone islands and graveyards where dead silence takes over everything else. No zombies, no eerie bats or no creepy sound of beetles would make him stop or even turn his head. On some rare nights he would be sleeping and snoring away to glory. One fine morning, after a night of sound sleep, it happened. He was scared. It was a deep, gripping fear. It was only because he couldn’t light his cigarette. Of all the things, cigarette. Since when, he doesn’t remember, but he’s never been seen without a cigarette ever in his life. It was the only thing that kept him going, against all odds and solitude. He tried, tried and tried only in vain. How can it happen, he thought. The sweat slowly appeared on his face, his hands got clammy and he got cold feet. He got nightmares and jumped off the bed without even sleeping a wink. He din’t even go out of his room, he was so frightened to death that he was even afraid of his own shadow. It’s been days since he lit the cigarette. He felt like sitting on thorns. He turned pale as death and was shivering in his shoes. He got dark circles around his eyes and his hair was turning grey. His blood ran cold, teeth chattered and even breath stopped. Finally he was knocked out. And woke up after three days. When he woke up the first thing he did was, to try lighting cigarette and good gracious all these days, he’d been holding it upside down. It struck him only this morning and he was laughing his guts out. Till his stomach hurt. He lit his cigarette and before taking a puff, said to himself “Anyway, I’ve laughed for the first time ever in my life!” Silly him!