Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I see blue. Deep blue. Pensive blue.

Oh forget!!! I'm drowning in the Pacific!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Fake once told me

"I'm exhausted"

"I'm abused"

"Explain", I said

It took me to busy streets

Where hundreds fake smiles

To cubicled workplaces

Where thousands fake know-it-all

To crowd-flowing parks

Where millions fake love

To cozy, dim lit bedrooms

Where zillions fake orgasm

And at last to a mirror

Where I saw myself faking strong

I nodded "Fake you must be really exhausted!"

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Things we lost in the fire;

Those weren't just things,

The fluorescence we're born with,

The first rays of sunlight

Breaking through the blinds,

Wide, hearty smiles or

The aversion to half smiles,

Intense eyes,

Never-judging looks,

The comfortable silence,

Pictures of innocence,

Pillowtalks in the dark,

Tears after shooting the squirrel,

'Accept the good' notes,

Coldstone icecreams,

Heated up kisses of God,

Evergreen toys,

Chases to happiness,

A loss that can't be lost again

But what we've left

Is only hope, that believes

The fire was paid to clear

The mess made by rain

Leaving nothing,

Lightening everything.

And we still had each other.

* Based on one of my fav movies - Things we lost in the fire

Monday, August 30, 2010


Possessive love;

Staring at those admiring gazes at him

Cursing those sweet nothings to him

Massacring every one around him

Falls on his forehead

Disguised as kisses

Then to his lips

Lighting his heart

Burning the Amazon in his armpits

Making its way to

His insane love

In a rage

Rests back

In my heart.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When I say I'm pea-brained,
Could it be that
I'm overestimating the size of peas?

Friday, August 13, 2010


Who breaks butterflies on a wheel?

Who kills ants drowning in a milkshake?

Who burns trees caught in a fire?

Who poisons the breastmilk for a baby?

Who shoots at an injured soldier?

Who freezes ice?

Who kindles the sun?

Who darkens the night?

Who fakes facade?

Who begins the end?

He does.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Exactly when you start getting over your male disgust and the estrogen-Vs-testosterone attacks, some pervert flaunts his elephant-trumpet-like rather yucky device and you get back to the same old "world-is-better-off-without-men" mode. Full on. But then, you think again. Think twice. Who will drive the cars and repair the gadgets fool? Oright. Let the men stay. But not with those i-respect-you-woman-i-stand up-whenever-i see-you device. And all those women who think you are gonna miss the "aaaah-oooh"s and "oh god oh god"s, FYI, fortunately or unfortunately the same God you call out has created you different from men. Unlike them you can do without sex. And if you are so desperate, tada heard about vibrators? OK OK I understand you're on a saving spree. Cucumbers and candles baby! If you are so so desperate!

Enough said! So the world is about men,creepy men who are so desperate. Desperate for you-know-what!!! And the way they walk, with arms casually swinging back and forth back and forth...Hey, don't think evil it's not like they're trying to touch your assets or something. You know they are very innocent people who are so laid back and contented that they just swing their arms while walking.Back and forth. Back and forth. And you regret for not learning gymnastics and badly wish for a MJ-like flexible body! If you are planning to spend on dance classes or something, give that money to charity because daily walks through our crowded footpaths can make you flexible enough even to win a competition . These "footpath men" can often become the epitomes of desperateness . You can't imagine this kind of desperateness that they don't leave out even my embarrassingly-flat ass! Pity them. Pity them.

Even worser are those hunchbacked appachans who can't even stand on their own, who can't even remember their names but who never forget to shake that out-of-shape(not pun intended OK)device with shivering hands whenever they see a female! You are left with no choices then because whatever you tell them, chances are they won't hear anything. So just HELL with them. The fun part is the absolute shock on the face of those middle aged lechers when you tell him "Chetta I've seen bigger" when they show their sausage. Seen it or not is another question.Nobody's business. But this definitely leaves them humiliated. And who wants to miss the chance of humiliating a sleazebag! Oh that word reminds me of the rickdrivers who get the nature's oops hormone's call ("the testicalls" gal)as soon as a girl gets in and shamelessly answers "the call" till you get down. And how i love that look on his face when you give a thums up and say "Chetta nice shake but too hard, make sure no one falls from the rick!" So big,bad, ugly,small,short,long,shaved ,unshaved( When they show it right in front of your eyes, how much ever you try not to look, the details get into your head) this sausage fest, horizontally proportional to Earth's gravity, seem to follow you everywhere that makes you wonder if you're living in Penisylvania!Lol!

The next set of shitheads are those who pass gross comments upon every chance they get.The kinds who would sing "Hey ya I see you walking through the street, hey ya why won't you strip all your clothes, hey ya i got to tell how horny i feel oh baby you're the only p**** for me, hey ya i wanna get closer to you, hey you i need to get a good f*** ....." and so on. And those who compliments my b***s, "BAKRA! These are the apples I shoplifted from More you fool! Considering the price hike can you blame me for it?" I'm sure this reaction leaves them tongue tied.

Then comes the spanking-the-monkeys or rubbing-the-rubbish kinds. On your back undoubtedly. The best answer for them is every girl's best buddy, hair claw. Safety pins, needles and pepper sprays are passé. It all gave way to hair claws. Even the lowest maintenance girl would walk around with a hair claw so when that clever dick rubs on you, why wait, give him a real bang! Put it on his oh-so-hard thing and hear him scream his throat out! May be he'll never be able to put his popstick into use! What's more exciting than this! This is the right kind of retaliation those jackasses deserve. Ain't it?

(These are the exact kind of claws needed)

All these and more, you still don't think it's high time to ban those DJs aka Dick Jockeys!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I bottled up. Pheelings. Thank yous. Welcomes. That's so nice of yous. So sweets. How are yous. Nice meeting yous. I like yous. You are greats. You rocks. Good lucks. Good mornings. Good evenings. Good nights. Good byes. Never-say-goodbyes. Had breakfasts. Had lunchs. Had dinners. Have foods. Take cares. Don't crys. It's all rights. I will pray for yous. I will do anything for yous. I wanna be friends with yous. I will never forget yous. You mean so much to mes. No matter what happens I will be with yous. I should be your one and only best friends. I don't want you to get close to anyone elses. You make a difference in my lifes. I miss yous. Why are you not talking to mes. Why din't you call mes. Why are you doing this to mes. I love yous. I hate yous. You are so fakes. You sucks. I'd rather eat shit than being friends with yous. You are a douche bags. You fame whores. You brand sluts. Don't be so fussy biatchs.Shut the fuck ups. To hell with the drama queens. OK OK now don't play Mother Theresa when you are obviously a tramps. My face is up there you assholes. Jesus Christ! you make wanna rip down your faces. Hare Ram Hare Krishna, you walk around so Sati-Savitri but you are such a hoes. Man if you are so horny put your dick in a toasters. F words. LOLs. LMAOs. ROTFLs. Tears. Tears of joy. Tear drop buckets. Pains. And sufferings. Pains in the ass. Pain holes. Pleasures. Pleasure moments. Pleasure modes. Senses failures. Sensitive grenades. Fancy schmancies. Faith hills. Hopes. Hopes in hell. Hopeless devotions. Care bear hugs. Careless moves. Carefree laughters. Anger issues. Happiness in cans. Joy jellies. Passion fruits. Love bombs. Love brownies. Love bruises. Crush jobs. Fling blings. Shame sticks. Shameless shits. Confused cherries. Turbulence. Disturbances. Disturbed seconds. Rage volcanoes.Warm beers. Crazy crackers. Fire bellies. Flaming showers. Hot ices. Deep blues. Emotional diarrheas. Quick fixes. Smart answers. Strong arms. Soul cancers.Cheesy delights. Mushy biscuits. Smile lines. Big time 'J's. Tilted heads. Dropped jaws. Turned heads. Skipped heartbeats. Goosebumps.Weakness at the knees.Sparkle in the eyes. Everything is bottled and sealed. I thought. Let it all out. Let the bottle open. But will it open? Never ever. Ever never. And I've put on numbness. Numb face. The bottle remains sealed. And everything still remains bottled.

Monday, June 28, 2010


There’s some of you in me.
There’s some of me in you.
In that case, aren't we
Incomplete without each other?
Nay, in that case, aren't you
being too mushy?
Oops, I am.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Give me freedom. Not the freedom to kill the masses. Not the freedom to sleep around with every one. Not the freedom to loot people. The freedom to be myself. The freedom to be unkempt. The freedom to wear torn and worn out clothes. The freedom to keep my hair messy. The freedom not to do my privates. The freedom to get loads of tattoos done. The freedom to lie down on the floor. The freedom to fart loud. The freedom to nose prick at work. The freedom to drool while sleeping. The freedom to sweat like a priest in a playground and stink like a poop-eating pig. The freedom to suck the chocolate ice cream cone till I have had enough. The freedom to lick my fingers after a happy meal. The freedom to talk to strangers. The freedom to say " I do" when asked if I booze. The freedom not to keep up to the curfews. The freedom to cry watching even "American Pie". The freedom to be a hardcore emo. The freedom to live penniless. The freedom to be schizophrenic. The freedom to wear the rainbow colours all at once. The freedom not to be smart. The freedom not to get things done by taking advantage of others. The freedom not to butter up. The freedom not to get buttered up. The freedom not to do sweet talking. The freedom not to ass lick. The freedom not to follow any etikutti oops etiquette. The freedom to unbelong.The freedom to speak what I believe. The freedom to talk nonsense. The freedom not to make any sense at all. The freedom to hold his hands in public. The freedom to smooch him before brushing teeth. The freedom to coochie coo (to a certain extend or read cuddle)in public. The freedom to love like never before. The freedom not to bow my head before anyone. The freedom to have an ego twice my size. The freedom to be imperfect. The freedom to be insane. The freedom to get drenched in rain and walk around in wet clothes. The freedom not to give a damn to people who stare. The freedom to ogle. The freedom to lust after chicks while not changing the orientation.The freedom to be called a half crack or even a total crack. The freedom not to go to funerals. The freedom not to fake praying. The freedom not to go to church. The freedom to ask forgiveness for looking at Jesus Christ's torso. The freedom to be human. And the freedom to write for myself, not for others. The freedom to write for pleasure, not for a living.

Take my money, if any. Take my name, even though it is bad. Take my love, well not him. But give me freedom. I will give up all the fortunes I have. I will kill myself. But don't take away my freedom for all I have is freedom at the end of the day. But remember, you can't take away my freedom. Because I am slaved to freedom.

Friday, April 16, 2010

iKatticaran, iMushy, uEnvy

I suggest u dnt read dis unless u r a Katticaran n a close cuz of mine coz chances r eithr u wud get way too J or wud thnk ts al fictitious.
Wel ts dedicatd 2 ma cuz bro Thommy. M heck as sure hes nt gona read t n dat givs me 1 hell of a reason 2 rite dis! U knw he hates mush (bah! hu dsn!)Evry1's bestest of best childhud memories r spent wd cuzins, mine too! N ours s a lil betta dan evry1! (no ts not d usu ive-got-d-best-of-al braggin)We 8 wr d tiny tots of d family n I bein d tallest (yes u heard me right!ts past k) usd 2 boss arnd which nevah turnd out successful. Of course Kuru hus hz 5 mnths elder 2 me outdid me n dis Herculean task. But nevah ws he a bully! (in case he reads dis m savin maslf 4m d trble of gettin kicked n d ass) lol!I ws d most xcitd bt hols coz I hated studies xams n stuff (wel t ws obvious n ma marksheets too) so I usd 2 count evry single day n skool n luk 4wd 2 hols n wen hols begin d series of foncals strts "wen u kumn?" "u kum hr 1st" - d curtain raiser of unlimitd fun, infinite fites, d ohh-so-painful bruises n injuries n at the end of evrythn, nevah-endin headache 4 elders! Major fites usd 2 happen ovah Monopoly coz evry1 wud want 2 win n so wud hide money undr sofa, pockets n evn inside uhh yuck (not me ;))undies! Business, Snake n Ladder,Ludo, Chess, Checkers, Bowlin n d stupid outdoor games lyk Hide n Seek. (n dat xplains y v kattis r jacks of al trades n masters of sum!)Badminton, Cricket, Football n wot not! (if nly bein d referee/commentator counts) Rollerskatin, skiddin, bicycle stunt practices n our own inventions lyk CID, adventure trip, watchn ppl games. All these activities n u can imagine d kinda business v usd 2 giv Bandaid n Hansoplast! Not 2 mention d gud business our parents usd 2 giv Tiger Balm n Moov! D frequent rides on Activa, Kuru n I learnin ridin, Marine Drive rounds @ l8 nite clad n al-of-us-can-fit-in2-one shorts n tees, Pick n Mix cravin, toddy(read alcohol)-smitten dayz, frog legs, frog legs n more frog legs, d bitchin/gossippin session sittin on trees, d shy talks abt adolescence, abt wearin weirdlukin inners n abt d voice dat sounds lyk scratchin sandpaper on wood, pullin legs ovah flings, crushes n luvletters (no wondr ma lega hav bkum too long ;)), d girlie talks wd Anu, messin up Anu,Maya, Treasa's Kanji Curry game, d boys wearin our frocks n accessories n doin a 'chanthupottu'pose...man I stil rembr evry single bit of t n luv t 2 d core! God mst hav been v jealous.(wel u cnt blame him too hu wdn get jealous watchin al d fun n frolic v usd 2 hav!), Kuru n Thommy movd 2 Chennai. gosh hw much I usd 2 hate Chennai those dayz n heck I stil hate d place! Wat usd 2 b d last wrd n joy ended up mas d most painful thng! Hols! I usd 2 feel empty, void. Ma hols wr bkumin d wrst dayz of ma lyf. Thanx 2 Orkut n d odr virtual world innovations, v cud keep in touch. We update each odr wd d l8st n evrythn, ahem! Evn d forbidden secrets of luvlyf! I strtd wd Thommy rt? Yea he ws online 2de n ws tellin his l8st saga of fallin 4m bike! U hav no idea hw crazy hes abt bikes. Lets get bak 2 wat I ws sayin dis Thommy ws n is ma PIC n wen d gal he luvs askd him whom al she has 2 impress 4m our family, Thommy's quick reply ws "trs dis sis n f she sez no i wd evn end our rltnshp" n wen he tol me dis I ws lyk..ma heartbeat wudve won a marathon outta xcitemnt..."Tessa dnt get xcitd hes lyin" but in heart of ma heart I knew he isnt! Temme wer in d hell (obviously not n hell) or on Earth do u c a bro lyk dat! 4get havin sm1 lyk him I bet u wdn hav evn seen sm1 lyk Thommy! N 2nite aftr al d chat he texts me while txtn his gal! c hu n d whole wrld wd dare keep his gal waitin dat too 4 jz a cuz sis? (Thommy's gal, u r so darn lucky 2 hav him!)God I cnt be nemor contented!If u dun envyin me lemme conclude. M dedicatin dis 2 al these Kattis hu make a big fat diffrnce in ma lyf.

Kiran Katticaran aka Thommy
Nithin Katticaran aka Kuru
Tony George Katticaran aka Dundu
Kuruvilla Katticaran aka KunjiKuru
Treasa Anitha Katticaran aka Anu
Maya George Katticaran aka hmm lol!
Treasa Katticaran aka Treasa
(For a few seconds I thot m ritin FB nots n cud tag al of u ;))
Luv ya,
Tessa George Katticaran aka DPG
Despite d gr8 heritage n name of ma family I nevah usd 2 b proud of bein a Katticaran I wdn evn say m a Katticaran undr ne circumstances bt I cnt help bein proud of t nw coz of these wondrful Katticaran creatures! So hr i go................ iKatticaran.uKatticaran.vRock!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Eversince i strtd oglin (nw u knw ts loooooong bak) ppl hav been tellin me 2 blog. Blog!Blog! but bt wat!n dey say "u can blog bt nethn under d sun"! hw can u! u can nly rite stuff u knw rt?n u rite bt friends n dey say u r a phony pal kummon u luv em n daz xactly y u r frnz! u rite bt luv... "ohh u guys r 2gdr?", "u evah did dat?" U R DEAD! wat if d guy ditches u? wat if t dsn wrk out...dey neva gona leave u. u r wd ur husband n kids dey kum n ask "isn he d guy u bloggd bt?"Man i swear dey love peace! evn on ur funeral these peacemakers wil b talkin thngs lyk "she ws wd him n thngs hapnd she married dis guy" Such ppl make evn a "Tessa George Katticaran" resurrect! u rite bt sexuality! OMG ! u dnt wana die a normal death???u r attacked 4m al sides by these so-called "culture preservers" n b4 u knw t ul b branded a slut! nw i knw y most of ma frndz blog bt sky,earth,fire,blue,green,yellow n so on under names like 'Obfuscated Ostrich'(no offence), 'Pervasive Poop' ,'Unaccustomed Underwear' (wateva heck these mean!) n al!but i wanted a name dat dus justice 2 maslf! i cdn kum up wd nethn better dan 'badass literally'! i used 2 b a badass n clg bt nw d mirror testifies d fact dat i hav such a bad ass! u c 4 urslf! m sure ud b surprised 2 knw tr aint a more suitable name! i rite bt ma lyf,ma likes n dislikes, ma guy (evn if m sure hes gona kill me 4 dat), ma body, ma sexuality...basically ts al bt me -d badass.so b4 eyebrows r raised, foreheads r frowned, moral police bombards wd "bhartiya nari-gone-western" dramas (as if i giv a damn ;)) lemme go blah blah blah.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


There's no power n I live in a hole. Not a stinkin hole, a real smokin hole. A hole full of chicks. Not d chicks hu lay eggs, d chicks hum u luv 2 hav in bed. A bed made of feather. Not d feather on hat, d feather of a sparrow. A blue sparrow. Not d blue u feel, d colour blue. D colour of d sky. Not d cloudy sky, d clear sky. As clear as crystal. Not d shiny crystal, d pure crystal. As pure as rain. Not d acid rain, d rain 4m heaven.D high heaven. Not d skyscrapin high, d highest high. As highest as God. Not d God u worship, d God u luv. Luv givs evrythn. Not evrythn evrythn. Still there's no power n I live in a hole. Not a stinkin hole, a real smokin hole. A hole ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................