Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I bottled up. Pheelings. Thank yous. Welcomes. That's so nice of yous. So sweets. How are yous. Nice meeting yous. I like yous. You are greats. You rocks. Good lucks. Good mornings. Good evenings. Good nights. Good byes. Never-say-goodbyes. Had breakfasts. Had lunchs. Had dinners. Have foods. Take cares. Don't crys. It's all rights. I will pray for yous. I will do anything for yous. I wanna be friends with yous. I will never forget yous. You mean so much to mes. No matter what happens I will be with yous. I should be your one and only best friends. I don't want you to get close to anyone elses. You make a difference in my lifes. I miss yous. Why are you not talking to mes. Why din't you call mes. Why are you doing this to mes. I love yous. I hate yous. You are so fakes. You sucks. I'd rather eat shit than being friends with yous. You are a douche bags. You fame whores. You brand sluts. Don't be so fussy biatchs.Shut the fuck ups. To hell with the drama queens. OK OK now don't play Mother Theresa when you are obviously a tramps. My face is up there you assholes. Jesus Christ! you make wanna rip down your faces. Hare Ram Hare Krishna, you walk around so Sati-Savitri but you are such a hoes. Man if you are so horny put your dick in a toasters. F words. LOLs. LMAOs. ROTFLs. Tears. Tears of joy. Tear drop buckets. Pains. And sufferings. Pains in the ass. Pain holes. Pleasures. Pleasure moments. Pleasure modes. Senses failures. Sensitive grenades. Fancy schmancies. Faith hills. Hopes. Hopes in hell. Hopeless devotions. Care bear hugs. Careless moves. Carefree laughters. Anger issues. Happiness in cans. Joy jellies. Passion fruits. Love bombs. Love brownies. Love bruises. Crush jobs. Fling blings. Shame sticks. Shameless shits. Confused cherries. Turbulence. Disturbances. Disturbed seconds. Rage volcanoes.Warm beers. Crazy crackers. Fire bellies. Flaming showers. Hot ices. Deep blues. Emotional diarrheas. Quick fixes. Smart answers. Strong arms. Soul cancers.Cheesy delights. Mushy biscuits. Smile lines. Big time 'J's. Tilted heads. Dropped jaws. Turned heads. Skipped heartbeats. Goosebumps.Weakness at the knees.Sparkle in the eyes. Everything is bottled and sealed. I thought. Let it all out. Let the bottle open. But will it open? Never ever. Ever never. And I've put on numbness. Numb face. The bottle remains sealed. And everything still remains bottled.

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