Saturday, September 11, 2010


Things we lost in the fire;

Those weren't just things,

The fluorescence we're born with,

The first rays of sunlight

Breaking through the blinds,

Wide, hearty smiles or

The aversion to half smiles,

Intense eyes,

Never-judging looks,

The comfortable silence,

Pictures of innocence,

Pillowtalks in the dark,

Tears after shooting the squirrel,

'Accept the good' notes,

Coldstone icecreams,

Heated up kisses of God,

Evergreen toys,

Chases to happiness,

A loss that can't be lost again

But what we've left

Is only hope, that believes

The fire was paid to clear

The mess made by rain

Leaving nothing,

Lightening everything.

And we still had each other.

* Based on one of my fav movies - Things we lost in the fire

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  1. "Aversion to half smiles.." touched a chord somewhere...