Friday, April 16, 2010

iKatticaran, iMushy, uEnvy

I suggest u dnt read dis unless u r a Katticaran n a close cuz of mine coz chances r eithr u wud get way too J or wud thnk ts al fictitious.
Wel ts dedicatd 2 ma cuz bro Thommy. M heck as sure hes nt gona read t n dat givs me 1 hell of a reason 2 rite dis! U knw he hates mush (bah! hu dsn!)Evry1's bestest of best childhud memories r spent wd cuzins, mine too! N ours s a lil betta dan evry1! (no ts not d usu ive-got-d-best-of-al braggin)We 8 wr d tiny tots of d family n I bein d tallest (yes u heard me right!ts past k) usd 2 boss arnd which nevah turnd out successful. Of course Kuru hus hz 5 mnths elder 2 me outdid me n dis Herculean task. But nevah ws he a bully! (in case he reads dis m savin maslf 4m d trble of gettin kicked n d ass) lol!I ws d most xcitd bt hols coz I hated studies xams n stuff (wel t ws obvious n ma marksheets too) so I usd 2 count evry single day n skool n luk 4wd 2 hols n wen hols begin d series of foncals strts "wen u kumn?" "u kum hr 1st" - d curtain raiser of unlimitd fun, infinite fites, d ohh-so-painful bruises n injuries n at the end of evrythn, nevah-endin headache 4 elders! Major fites usd 2 happen ovah Monopoly coz evry1 wud want 2 win n so wud hide money undr sofa, pockets n evn inside uhh yuck (not me ;))undies! Business, Snake n Ladder,Ludo, Chess, Checkers, Bowlin n d stupid outdoor games lyk Hide n Seek. (n dat xplains y v kattis r jacks of al trades n masters of sum!)Badminton, Cricket, Football n wot not! (if nly bein d referee/commentator counts) Rollerskatin, skiddin, bicycle stunt practices n our own inventions lyk CID, adventure trip, watchn ppl games. All these activities n u can imagine d kinda business v usd 2 giv Bandaid n Hansoplast! Not 2 mention d gud business our parents usd 2 giv Tiger Balm n Moov! D frequent rides on Activa, Kuru n I learnin ridin, Marine Drive rounds @ l8 nite clad n al-of-us-can-fit-in2-one shorts n tees, Pick n Mix cravin, toddy(read alcohol)-smitten dayz, frog legs, frog legs n more frog legs, d bitchin/gossippin session sittin on trees, d shy talks abt adolescence, abt wearin weirdlukin inners n abt d voice dat sounds lyk scratchin sandpaper on wood, pullin legs ovah flings, crushes n luvletters (no wondr ma lega hav bkum too long ;)), d girlie talks wd Anu, messin up Anu,Maya, Treasa's Kanji Curry game, d boys wearin our frocks n accessories n doin a 'chanthupottu' I stil rembr evry single bit of t n luv t 2 d core! God mst hav been v jealous.(wel u cnt blame him too hu wdn get jealous watchin al d fun n frolic v usd 2 hav!), Kuru n Thommy movd 2 Chennai. gosh hw much I usd 2 hate Chennai those dayz n heck I stil hate d place! Wat usd 2 b d last wrd n joy ended up mas d most painful thng! Hols! I usd 2 feel empty, void. Ma hols wr bkumin d wrst dayz of ma lyf. Thanx 2 Orkut n d odr virtual world innovations, v cud keep in touch. We update each odr wd d l8st n evrythn, ahem! Evn d forbidden secrets of luvlyf! I strtd wd Thommy rt? Yea he ws online 2de n ws tellin his l8st saga of fallin 4m bike! U hav no idea hw crazy hes abt bikes. Lets get bak 2 wat I ws sayin dis Thommy ws n is ma PIC n wen d gal he luvs askd him whom al she has 2 impress 4m our family, Thommy's quick reply ws "trs dis sis n f she sez no i wd evn end our rltnshp" n wen he tol me dis I ws heartbeat wudve won a marathon outta xcitemnt..."Tessa dnt get xcitd hes lyin" but in heart of ma heart I knew he isnt! Temme wer in d hell (obviously not n hell) or on Earth do u c a bro lyk dat! 4get havin sm1 lyk him I bet u wdn hav evn seen sm1 lyk Thommy! N 2nite aftr al d chat he texts me while txtn his gal! c hu n d whole wrld wd dare keep his gal waitin dat too 4 jz a cuz sis? (Thommy's gal, u r so darn lucky 2 hav him!)God I cnt be nemor contented!If u dun envyin me lemme conclude. M dedicatin dis 2 al these Kattis hu make a big fat diffrnce in ma lyf.

Kiran Katticaran aka Thommy
Nithin Katticaran aka Kuru
Tony George Katticaran aka Dundu
Kuruvilla Katticaran aka KunjiKuru
Treasa Anitha Katticaran aka Anu
Maya George Katticaran aka hmm lol!
Treasa Katticaran aka Treasa
(For a few seconds I thot m ritin FB nots n cud tag al of u ;))
Luv ya,
Tessa George Katticaran aka DPG
Despite d gr8 heritage n name of ma family I nevah usd 2 b proud of bein a Katticaran I wdn evn say m a Katticaran undr ne circumstances bt I cnt help bein proud of t nw coz of these wondrful Katticaran creatures! So hr i go................ iKatticaran.uKatticaran.vRock!


  1. i can imagine you dangling from a tree, licking pickle or chocolate or yellow jilaebi syrup off your palm with full concentration.

  2. just chumma went thru it...nice..seem lyk u ppl hv loda fun.. envy u ol!